Alan Haig-Brown

Alan Haig-Brown, photo by Rick Blacklaws

Growing up on Vancouver Island in the 1950s, I learned to swim and canoe among the salmon on the Campbell River.  In the ‘ 60s, I went down the river to the sea where I worked on commercial fishing boats and coastal freighters.  In the ’70s I went to the upper reaches of the British Columbia’s greatest river, the Fraser, to teach and learn with the Chilcotin and Shuswap First Nations. In the mid 1980s I began a seven-year career creating and editing five regional west coast trade magazines. Now I just write and make pictures. Mostly I am a writer but many of the places that I go, from Louisiana bayous to Asian rivers and from European canals to Alaskan islands, can be even more difficult to arrange for two than for one so I do most of my own photography as well. My work divides into three segments. I contract work for governments and corporations, I write and photograph for magazines and I generally have a book project on the go or at least in the planning stages. My intent with this page is to give you an opportunity to see some of the work that I do in these three areas of the fairly specialized niche that I inhabit.

I contribute to many commercial marine and commercial fishing magazines. I am west coast photographer/correspondent, a position that gives salary-free mast head status, for Professional Mariner. I primarily write for trade publications as they have an informed readership.

Alan Haig-Brown
NEW WESTMINSTER, BC         Bangkok, Thailand
CANADA V3M 2C5                  Phone: + 66(0)2 651 9633
Phone: 604 520-6748            Cel: + 66(0)85 347 6206
Fax: 604 521-5428                E-mail: alan@haig-brown.com
Cel: 604 377-1577

6 Responses to ABOUT ALAN

  1. Hi Alan, we met once before. You signed your book Fishing for a Living to my parents and then again in person to me (and my sisters). You featured a section on my Grandpa Ken Hagen.

    I have started my a podcast about people in my life and am wondering if you’d like to do an interview for an hour or so with me, you can talk about whatever you’d like. Perhaps a little about you, a little about my Grandpa and/or anything about being an author or your books in particular.
    I’m really interested in stories that link to my heritage and local. You can hear my 1st podcast with my Dad and my 2nd with a guy who travelled 21 countries doing the Mongol Rally. I’m new to interviewing but I adore people. If you had any additional notes from when you interviewed my grandpa that would be amazing too. I’m not being presumptuous, just giving you a picture of what I envision. Your time is valuable so if you even just want to provide a sound bite instead of interview that would be great. Cheers to you and your family. Respectfully, Catherine Booth.

  2. M. Ben-yami says:

    Hi Alan, long time no see. Since my meeting with old Fred. Just visited your site. Hope all’s well. I’m still writing my World Fishing page, getting very old (90 on Nov.13), and minding my age. Be well, Menakhem Ben-Yami

    • admin says:

      Hi Ben-yami, apologies for my slow reply. These days I am enjoying and quoting your writing in Quentin Bates Hook and Net. My wife and I visited the fishing port in Chenai India earlier this year. As I looked out at the Bay of Bengal I thought of your comments on the dangers that these fishermen face.

  3. david cobb says:

    Hello Alan! Just a reminder to include “Chief Skugaid” in the ‘Bering Sea’ section; she was the #1 boat to same for decades….and the fastest packer on the Coast too; legendary ‘speed-merchant’….built as you know, by the “past-master of the lost art” insofar as ‘cleaving’ hulls were concerned. Still can crack-off 14 knots with the 500 hp “Volvo” that’s in her now! Feel free to use any of the images on the website (as above) Will be ‘presenting’ at the maritime conference at Douglas College mid-August, hence (along w/ old pals Rick James, Mark MacKenzie and maybe John Campbell) See you there?!?
    Cheers/Good Luck! David Cobb (owner/skipper)

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