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  • Gilbert Calunsag says:

    Hi Aris,

    We are in the process of designing an LCT, Lbp x B x D x d, 63 x 14.5 x 4.2 x 3.2 and my plan is to recommend cummins KTA 19 M3 with same transmission ratio of 5.1 to 1 for this project, could be ZF,twin disc, or tonanco. And because this vessel exist, I am planning to make this as parent ship and show it to the project proponents that the power 600 x 2 could run at 10 knots speed at 3meters draft.
    In this regard, I’d appreciate if you could give me the full particulars of this vessel, ie LBP, D and displacement at 3 meters draft and the lightship draft if possible.

    Gilbert Calunsag

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