Cummins Hotips#654                 February 2012

The Argentine shipyard Astillero Naval Federico Contessi Y Cia SA has been busy with fishing boat orders. In March they launched another of their fine new trawlers. Amid much fan fare, fire works and confetti the B/P Nono Pascual slid down the ways. On hitting the water, her 600 HP Cummins KTA19 M3 was started and the boat made a celebratory lap of the harbour to the continuing cheers of the shipyard crew and invited guests. The owner, Canal De Beachle SRL, will put the vessel right to work and can expect many thousands of hours of service from the boat and its engine. The six-cylinder in line KTA19 has proven itself time in terms of cost to operate and time to over haul in fishing fleets from the Bering Sea to the South China Sea and from the North Atlantic EU states to the South Atlantic waters where this new boat will be working.

The KTA19 rated for 600 HP at 1800 RPM turns a 1750 mm propeller in a nozzle through a Twin Disc MG 5222 gear with a 6:1 ratio for speeds just under ten knots. The 25.2 meter by 7-meter boat was designed by Marine Engineer Angel S. Coronel. It has a 40 ton hold capacity and accommodation for a crew of up to ten fishermen.


Fuel capacity is 35,300 liters an water is 25,500 liters in the hull which has a depth of 3.2 meters. Auxiliaries for powering generators and auxiliary hydraulics include two Cummins 6 CTA8.3 G engines. Some onboard processing of the catch can be undertaken in the covered deck area.


Engine room gauges showing RPM and Exhaust temperature.

The Nono Pascual is the owners, Canal De Beachle SRL’s, third vessel. The family owned company now has three Cummins powered vessels. The Jupiter II is powered by a Cummins KTA38 M0 while the Canal de Beagle is, like the Nono Pascual, powered by a KTA 19 M3. In addition to their three boat fishing fleet the company also has a shore side facility where they process anchovies for export to Europe and other species,

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Calle “B”  Espigón 4 Puerto – (B 7603BHP)


Phone: +54 0223 489 0314


Angel S. Coronel

Marine Engineer

Lebenshon 2767 (7600)

Mar del Plata

Phone:   +54 0223 480 0550


Armando Tavarozzi

Marine Engine Sales and Aplication Engineer

Cummins Argentina

Phone:  +54 11 4736 6428

Fax:       +54 11 4736 6466

Cel:        +549113280 8713


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