Cummins Hotips#660                 May 2012

The Siem-Carajas on sea trails.

The second Guido Perla & Associates designed fast supply vessel has been delivered from Brazil’s Inace Shipyard. Named Siem Carajás, the 50-meter (164-foot) by 10-meter aluminum vessel features a large forward cargo shelter. There is also a large 28.5 by 7.8-meter open after deck. Liquid capacities include: ships fuel 22 m3, cargo fuel oil 64.6 m3, ship’s potable water 17.4 m3, potable water cargo 65 m3. Deck cargo capacity is 250 metric tons. The maximum design speed, light boat, is 25 knots with a 21-knot service speed when 175 mt DWT. Maximum deadweight is 350 mt.

One of the vessel's four QSK50 M2 main engines.

Four Cummins KTA50-M2 each delivering 1800 HP at 1900 RPM to 1.2-meter propellers through Twin Disc gears provide propulsion. A pair of Cummins-powered 99 kW generators meets the vessel’s electrical needs.


The well laid out bridge on the Siem-Carajas.

Photos Courtesy of Cummins Brasil Ltda


For further information:

See Cummins Hotips#643

September 2011



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