Cummins Hotips#662      May 2012

A rendering of the six new line handling vessels.

Located in Salvador, Brazil, the naval architect firm Parahyba Campos design firm won a contract to supply design and support for six 32 by 9.6-meter line handling boats. The design firm’s director, Marcos de Parahyva Campos, has extensive experience in both Brazil and Japan where he added to his engineer degrees additional training and experience in creative team leadership. This has allowed him to assemble a young team of highly motivated people for his Salvador office.

Naval Architect Marcos De Parahyba Campos in Salvador, Brazil. A.Haig-Brown photo

These six boats, building at the Corema Shipyard, will be employed in assisting shuttle tankers loading oil from off-shore Brazil. It is important work with a requirement for a high level of reliability. These boats are designed to do their job in heavy weather and they have the power and redundancy to be on the job, regardless of operational circumstances.

For reliability and redundancy, each boat will be powered by three 1350 HP Cummins KTA38-M2 engines each turning into ZF3350 gears with 5:1 reduction. The 2.1-meter diameter four-blade Kaplan propellers are enclosed in Kort nozzles. With a 5-meter molded depth the boats will have a loaded draft of 3.6 meters. The after deck and cargo space measures 15.3 by 7.1 meters and can handle up to 60 tons of cargo. A crane capable of lifting up to 1.1 tons at an 11-meter reach is mounted aft of the house forward of the cargo deck to aide with the line handling.

Accommodation is provided for up to ten crewmembers plus four passengers in two four-person, two two-person cabins and two one-person cabins for the commander and chief engineer. In the pilothouse two command consoles allow the vessel to be worked over the aft deck. The vessels’ electrical needs will be met on each vessel by a pair of Cummins 6B-P99DM6 powered generators. Tankage includes 200 cubic meters of fuel and 130 cubic meters of water. Projected speed is ten knots and the vessel will have a 45-ton bollard pull.

Delivery of the six vessels, to by named Navemar 18 through 23, is scheduled for January 2013 through December 2013. The vessels will operate out of Macaé City in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Please contact for general arrangement drawing as provided by Parahyba Campos.

For further information:


Aline F. Barros

Cummins Brazil

Rio de Janeiro



Phone: 55 21 2186 3127

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Marcos de Parahyba Campos


Parahyba Campos-Gestão e Projetos Navais Ltda.

1856 Professor Magalhães Neto Av.,

1805 TK Tower Building, Pituba,

Salvador – Brazil

Phone: 55 71 3014-6230







Corema Industria e Comercio LTDA

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