Cummins Hotips#684                 December, 2012

There were keels laid for several fishing boats in US yards over the summer. With the Cummins main engine installed and work well underway on building the house in early December, Jemison Marine of Bayou LaBatre is looking to a mid-April 2013 launch for their latest vessel. This will be an 86 by 24-foot scalloper. The vessel is being built for a northeast US client to a design by Travis Carver of Sterling Marine Ltd.

The new 86 by 24 foot vessel with a 12-foot molded depth is being built at Jemison Marine in Bayou LaBatre Alabama. Main propulsion for the new vessel will be a Cummins QSK19-M engine producing 600 HP at 1800 RPM. The engine will turn a  5.5-inch shaft  to a 73.25 X 74-inch propeller in a nozzle.

General Arrangements

The main deck house will include a separate galley and mess with heads and showers for the crew. Accommodation will be provided with a single cabin, a four-person cabin and an additional six bunks in the fo’c’sle. The elevated bridge deck includes a skipper’s cabin. Between the wheelhouse door and the end of the main deck house, wings extend to the bulwarks to create a shelter deck that continues for several feet past the end of the deckhouse. This provides a large covered area with three shucking stations.

The winch controls are also located aft in the shelter deck with a pair of Pullmaster winches mounted on the deck above. This gives the warp lines a straight line aft to the gallows-mounted blocks over the net drum.

Profile and Arrangements courtesy of Sterling Marine


For further information:


Tim Jemison

Jemison Marine

9315 Little River Rd.

Bayou LaBatre, AL 36500

Phone: 251 824 7878



Larry E. Neff

Marine Territory Sales Manager

1924 East I-65 Service Rd. North

Mobile, AL36617

Phone: 251 706 2754


Travis Carver

Sterling Marine Ltd.

1150 Shady Lane

Gulf Breeze, FL 32563

Phone 850 916 0002


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