Cummins Hotips#700               June 2013

Incat Crowther rendering of the Brazilian fast supply vessels.

The Brazilian petroleum industry continues to set new standard for fleet expansion. This is demonstrated by the building of 12 aluminum 7200-HP fast supply vessels to a single order. They are being built at Estilaleiro ETP Engenharia Ltda. in Rio de Janeiro for two owners. Designed by Incat Crowther with their Lafayette, Louisiana office, the construction of these vessels is now well along with the first delivery expected for late 2013 with others to follow through 2014 and 2015.

Incat Crowther’s mono-hull crew boats have gained a significant following. ( see Hotips#698 and (

The 12 boats under construction in Brazil will be 48 by 9.5 meters with a molded depth of 4.25 meters. They will have 225 square meters of deck space with a capacity of 250 tons. An additional 30-square-meter covered cargo area will accommodate up to 30 tons. Tanks for 44,600 liters of ship’s fuel with another 90,600 liters of cargo fuel are built into the hull. Water for onboard use will be carried in 9,000-liter tanks with additional tanks for 91,000 liters of cargo water tanks.

Four Cummins QSK50-M main engines, each producing 1800 HP at 1800 RPM, turning propellers, through Twin Disc MGX-6848SC gears with 2.93;1 reduction, will give each vessel a 25-knot top speed and a 21-knot service speed. The vessels will be fitted with a pair of Thrustmaster 30TT150ML 150-HP electric tunnel bow thrusters. A pair of Cummins QSM11 250kW at 1800 RPM generators sets will provide electrical power.

Accommodations will be provided for up to eleven crewmembers in one single cabin and five double cabins. A small area aft of the interior cargo hold will include space for six passengers that can also serve as a conference room.

The 12 Fast Supply Vessels are being built to class +1A1 HSLC (bra) R1 Service 2 EO. Six of the vessels are being built for the Intertug subsidiary Baru Offshore Navegação while Senior Navegação will own the other six. For vessel names, IMO numbers and owners, see attached table.

Attachments include:

1.Vessel names and owners.

2. Rendering of FSV UT4000.

3. General arrangement drawings.

For further information:

ETP Engenharia Ltda.

Av. Almirante Barroso, 97 Gr 801/806
Centro- Rio de Janeiro/RJ – CEP: 20.031-005
Tel. +55 21 2533-3351

Antonio Carlos Colares

Engine Business Manager

Cummins Vendas e Serviços

Av. Brasil, 20289

Rio de Janeiro – RJ – 21515-000


Phone 55 21 2196-3113

Cell 55 21 9303-9935


Incat Crowther.

102 Asma Blvd – Ste 100
Lafayette – LA 70508 –

Ph: 337 267 1403

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