Cummins Hotips#704     August 2013

A rendering of the FPSV40.

Following delivery of the Bourbon Norte, their fourth 53-meter Fast Passenger/Supply Vessel, the French-based Piriou Shipyards have announced plans for a 41 by 8.2-meter version of the very successful design to be designated FPSV40. Piriou spokesperson Yannick Littoux explains that, “This vessel is a small sister for the 53-meter series, keeping the same hull design that maximizes the waterline length and gives a sharp bow to reduce the slamming and therefore increase the comfort of passengers and crew at sea.”

The 53-meter Bourbon Norte ready for delivery.

The 53-meter vessels are each powered by four Cummins KTA50-M2 engines each producing 1323 kW (1800 HP) at 1900 RPM. The smaller vessels will require only three of the KTA50-M2 engines with each producing 1193 (1622 HP) at 1800 RPM. On the first vessels, to be delivered in the summer of 2014, the propulsion will be by fixed pitch propellers, but an option for water jets is included in the design. Speeds will be about 18 knots loaded, 27 knots light boat and 25 knots at 85 MCR with passengers on-board.

The smaller over all length will shift the passenger to cargo relation with a focus on the passenger capacities. The vessel, still in the design stage, will offer optional layouts to include both a standard 78-passenger arrangement and an option with business-class seating. The designs also include options for a sick bay and even a “Security Pack” to enable gunmen accommodation in the lounge when in pirate infested waters. Crew accommodation will include two one-person cabins and two four-person cabins. A 100-square-meter after deck will provide for up to 50 tons of cargo. In the wheelhouse an elevated aft control position will give excellent visibility over the working deck.

The FPSV40 will be built to Bureau Veritas standards and classed I, Hull, • Mach, Crew Boat, Coastal Area


Renderings courtesy of PIRIOU


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