570  November 2009

Esvagat Capri at ASL Marine, Singapore

Esvagat Capri at ASL Marine, Singapore

If there is a slowing in the marine industries no one told the people at ASL Marine in Singapore. Among other projects the shipyard is building a series of Roto Tugs, a series of large PSVs and a 60-meter dive support vessel. (Hotip to come).

Esvagat Capri at ASL Marine, Singapore

Esvagat Capri at ASL Marine, Singapore

In November ASL was nearing completion of another in their series of diesel-electric emergency vessels for the Danish firm Esvagt. These spectacular red boats with their five Cummins KTA19D powered 485 kW generators were described in Cummins Hotip#462 (January 2008 www.haig-brown.com) To see other standby vessels in the ESVAGT fleet go to: www.esvagt.dk/Default.aspx?ID=2

This series of vessels carry C-names. Earlier vessels included the Esvagt Carina, Cassipeta, Carpathia, Champion, Caroline, Contender, Cobra and Castor. On her raised fo’s’sle the new vessel carries the name Esvagt Capri in readiness for her official naming ceremony.

For a general arrangement drawing see the earlier Cummins Hotip#462.

For further information:

Luke Sim Hong Guan
Lead Engineer
ASL Shipyard Pte. Ltd.
19 Pandan Road,
Singapore, 609271

Raymond Wee
Sales Manager, Engine & Equipment
Cummins Sales and Service Singapore Pte. Ltd.
8 Tanjong Penjuru
Singapore 609019
Phone: +65 6261 3555
Mobile: +65 9755 0577
E-mail: Raymond.wee@cummins.com
Web: www.cspl.cummins.com

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