571 November 2009

Penguin’s recently delivered Hull #162

Penguin’s recently delivered Hull #162. Photo courtesy of Penguin.

The design and building of a modern aluminum crew boat involves a lot of people and careful planning. At Penguin Marine in Singapore the 17 vessels of their 36-meter crewboat demonstrate their success in working closely with key members of the supplier team.

In coordination with Penguin’s expectations, the people at Cummins Sales and Service Singapore have a detailed procedure for meeting vessel requirements with the appropriate power solutions. Confirmation of a sale by Marketing Manager Andy Wong is the beginning of the process. Even though there have been a number of the 36-meter vessel built, the procedural format is followed to assure that even minor changes are properly addressed. Under the direction of Customer Engineer Manager Tan Chin Beng, the Project Team, Support Team and Application Team undertake a series of meetings to assure that each requirement is met with the appropriate solution. Meetings with the customer, in this case Penguin, occur at pivotal points in the engine supply.

Penguin’s Design Manager Bi Wei Bo, Cummins Sales Rep Andy Wong and Cummins Project Engineer Chan Yijing.

Penguin’s Design Manager Bi Wei Bo, Cummins Sales Rep Andy Wong and Cummins Project Engineer Chan Yijing. Photo byAlan Haig-Brown.

The Support Team assures that all required certificates are in place, for both main and auxiliary engines, to meet classification requirements.  Optional components, from cooling to control panels, to be up-fitted are selected to meet customer requirements the engines are tested in the shop prior to delivery. By the time that the engines are to be delivered there is typically a three-inch paper file, matched with an electronic file, documenting every aspect of the engines.

The aft controls with leather covered dashboard.

The aft controls with leather covered dashboard. Photo courtesy of Penguin.

Project Engineer Chan Yijing has been active in the process up to this point and, once the engines are delivered, she works closely with Penguin’s Design Manager Bi Wei Bo and the shipyard crew on the installation and fitting of the engines. The most recently delivered of the 36-meter crewboats is powered by three Cummins KTA38 engines each delivering 1350 HP at 1900 RPM turning 1.1-meter props through Twin Disc 6690 gears with 2.93:1 reduction. Auxiliaries are a pair of Cummins 6B-powered generators.

This vessel also has 70 owner-specified aircraft style seats for workers. “This is a well proven vessel,” explains Bi Wei Bo, “We make layout changes as required by the owners but the engineering is the same.”

The forward controls.

The forward controls. Photo courtesy of Penguin.

For more information:

Penguin Shipyards International Pte. Ltd.
18 Tuas Basin Link
Singapore 638784
Phone: +65 6862 8322
E-mail: biwb@penguin.com.sg
Web: www.penguin.com.sg

Chan Yijing (Ms)
Project Engineer
Cummins Sales and Service Singapore Pte. Ltd.
H/P: +65 9115 9962
Direct: +65 6661 3549
E-mail: yijing.chan@cummins.com
Web: www.cummins.com

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