Cummins Hotips#720                        January 2014

One of the first steel-hulled crewboats being loaded out in Vietnam.

Australia-based Strategic Marine bas built a strong reputation for high performance crew boats. Primarily built at their Singapore shipyard, the aluminum crewboats are available in a variety of sizes and power configurations.

In recent years, Strategic has delivered a number of their popular 40-meter aluminum crewboats. Currently they are building a set of ten of their 42-meter boats with steel hulls and aluminum superstructures for Burnei’s PTAS Marine. Based on the 40-meter aluminum crewboat model they have been designed by Incat Crowther in conjunction with Strategic Marine. The first two hulls and superstructures were fabricated at Strategic’s Vietnam shipyard. They were barged to the Singapore yard for completion and fitting out prior to delivery.

The first two vessels were barged to Singapore from Ho Chi Minh City.

The balance of eight vessels are being built to completion at Strategic’s Vietnam yard for delivery between January and June 2014. Each boat will have three IMO Tier II compliant propulsion engines. There will be a Cummins KTA50-M2 mounted in the center and delivering 1800 HP at 1900 RPM, on either side of this will be a pair of KTA38-M2 engines delivering 1350 HP at 1900 RPM. The three engines will deliver a total of 4500 HP to three fixed-pitch propellers through Twin Disc gears to drive the vessels at 20 knots at 85% MCR at 40 DWT.

The final eight vessels are being completed in Vietnam.

Accommodations will be provided for 12 crewmembers, 30 rig workers and, in the event of emergency, 100 survivors. The 100 cubic meters of clear deck space, with a 3.5 ton per sq.m., will take up to ten tons of cargo. Classified by Lloyd’s Registry, the crewboats will be fitted with two Cummins 6BT5.9-powered 80 Kw generators. An additional 425 HP Cummins QSJ11-D(M) engine will power each boat’s two 160 HP bow thruster. The boats will also be fitted with 1200 cu.m per hour fire pumps with monitors.

The more robust steel hulls will add to the vessels’ weight but will lend additional strength and durability. With Strategic Hull Numbers from 701 to 710, the crewboats will be named as follows.

Vessel Name H701: PTAS MV ONE

Vessel Name H702: PTAS MV EAGLE

Vessel Name H703: PTAS MV TIGER

Vessel Name H704: PTAS MV MARINE

Vessel Name H705: PTAS MV WATER

Vessel Name H706: PTAS MV OCEAN

Vessel Name H707: PTAS MV ROSE

Vessel Name H708: PTAS MV BLUE SEA


Vessel Name: H710: PTAS MV TIDE


Photos showing load out at Strategic Marine Vietnam and general arrangements for the 42-meter steel hulled crewboat courtesy of Strategic Marine:

Photo of crewboat at Strategic’s Vietnam plant by Haig-Brown courtesy of Cummins Mairine.



For further information:


Paul Rudd

General Manager

Strategic Marine (S) Pte Ltd.


Phone: +65 6558 7877

Mobile: +65 9824 6901




Troy Drysdale

Industrial, Automotive and Marine Sales Executive

Cummins Perth

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PTAS Sdn Bhd,

Lot No.1, 2, 13-15,18-20 (Fasa 1)

Tapak Perindustrian Pekan Simpang

114-22, Kuala Belait

KA1131, Brunei

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