Cummins Hotips#738               August 2014

A fine new Norwegian longliner built in Poland.

In June of 2013 the Polish Shipyard Poltramp had begun construction of a 20.99 by 8.5-meter longliner for a Norwegian customer. (see ) In August of 2014 the new vessel, having completed successful fishing trips, travelled to Trondheim, Norway for exhibition at the Nor-Fishing trade show on behalf of Poltramp. Nearly 15,000 visitors from 48 countries visited the 2014 edition of the show.

Birger Grotle, one of the owners.

While attending the show, with the Cummins Marine display, Jon Folkedal, Cummins Norway Marine sales manager, took the opportunity to visit on board the M/V Grotle. There he visited with owner Birger Grotle who expressed satisfaction with the vessel’s performance to date. Birger Grotle, who is also the owner together with other family members, founded a fishing company that is now run by his sons. Folkedal reports, “They are so far very happy with both our [1000 HP or 746 kW at 1800 RPM] K38-M main engine and the two QSM11/Stamford generator sets.”

A model on display at NorFishing.

The vessel’s crew also explained that the long liner, with up to 25,000 hooks available, is producing very high quality product. The big 250 kW gensets provide power for an automated gutting line as well as freezing and storage in the 170 cubic meters of freezer hold. The FAS catch is delivered in an extremely high-quality form. The freezer hold is set forward allowing for the engine room to be set well aft. The IMO Tier II and EPA Tier 2 compliant engine turns a gear, shaft and controllable pitch 2.2-meter propeller. The Norwegian gear manufacturer Heimdal supplied the gear-to-prop propulsion system components.

Some of the new vessels modern eletronics.

Cummins European and worldwide network of service centers will assure seamless maintenance of the M/V Grotle’s engines wherever the fish may take her.

On display at NorFishing

Photos courtesy of Cummins Norway:


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