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runningWhen Gustavo Galeano first started up the engine after his new boat, Don Franco, was launched in the spring of 2015 he was greeted by a familiar sound. The solid throbbing of the 600-HP, Cummins KTA19 main engine reminded him of the Cummins engine in his father’s boat. The connection over generations is of great importance to commercial fishermen who learn about navigation, the tides, the fish and their boats from their elders.

The Don Franco with the trawl alongside.

The Don Franco with the trawl alongside.

One of the understandings that Gustavo gained from his father was the importance of a solid and reliable engine. “I come from a fisherman’s family,” Agustin said recently, “my father had already experience using Cummins engines for many years and had been always very satisfied.”

Don Franco at the blessing of the fleet.

Don Franco at the blessing of the fleet.

The Don Franco is a 20.8 by 6.6-meter trawler from the Contessi Shipyard at Mar del Plata in Argentina. The 19-liter, in-line, six-cylinder Cummins KTA19 main engine has earned a near legendary position amongst single-engine fish boats from Seattle-based Bering Sea long-liners to Thai purse seiners and countless other vessels around the world.


For independents like Gustavo, fuel costs can eat up a lot of the returns on the catch. At the same time, having sufficient power to tow a large trawl at significant depths can contribute to good catches. The balance between fuel economy and power is important to Agustin, who says of his main engine, as well as the Cummins 6CTA and 4BT auxiliaries, “They are very reliable, have a good performance and the power they develop is really high according to the fuel consumption.”

As do fishermen the world over Gustavo must cope with issues that are not of his making, “The fishing boat works very well and we never had a problem.” He explained, adding, “Actually, the challenges are related to the Argentinian economy. Nowadays it’s very difficult to take a boat out to fish.”

Levels of fish stock and economic factors are beyond the control of most fishermen, but having a reliable engine with good shore support will see the Don Franco always ready to fish.

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