Cummins Hotips#820,           September 2017

Container ship 75X13-meters, 128 TEU, 2,500 tons cargo.

European shippers have long taken advantage of that continent’s rivers for shipping containers. More recently, Vietnamese shipping firms are following that trend.

Power Two Cummins KTA19, 600 each.

Development of a deep draft container port in the Vung Tau Port complex is making the shipment of containers from and to European and American markets ever more efficient. With shallow draft vessels capable of loading containers in Phnom Penh readily able to travel just over 200 nautical miles down river to transship at the improved container ports in Vietnam, this is a nearly seamless connection. It also make possible the transit of containers form deep draft ports of Vietnam (Cat Lai Port, Cai Mep Port, Tan Cang Port…) to local shallow draft depots (Binh Duong Depot, Phuoc Long Port, Tan Thuan Port, Khanh Hoi Port).

Two ships: 75X13-meters.

To meet a growing demand for logistical support to transport containers from deep draft ships on up both the Mekong and the Saigon Rivers, there has been a growth in the demand for shallow draft container ships. Song Long Engineeing Service Co.,Ltd advised and supplied Cummins Engines for two new container ships for owners ITC Corporation with a pair of 75 by 13 meter container vessels in build at the An Phu Shipbuilding Company of Ho Chi Minh City. Each ship will have capacity for 128 TEU (twenty feet equivalent) containers. This capacity will handle total cargo weights of up to 2500 tons. Propulsion power for each vessel will be provided by a pair of Cummins KTA19-M main engines rated for 600 HP each at 1800 RPM

Photos courtesy of Haig-Brown/Cummins

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