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January 2019

Kadet-07 alongside.

According to Wikipedia, “Indonesia has a total land area of 1,904,569 square kilometres (735,358 sq mi), Including 93,000 square kilometres (35,908 sq mi) of inland seas (straits, bays, and other bodies of water). The additional surrounding sea areas bring Indonesia’s generally recognized territory (land and sea) to about 5 million km2.”

The nation of over 17,000 islands has 54,720 km (34,000Mi) of coastline and maintains a growing navy. In addition to national security, the navy has responsibilities for emergency services in the event of natural disasters and in patrolling the national waters to safeguard against illegal and foreign fishing fleets.

A pair of 45 by 4.25-meter patrol vessels was recently launched from the AP. Karimum Anugrah Sejati shipyard in Batam, Indonesia. Named Kadet-6 and Kadet-7, the vessels will be used in training future Indonesian Naval officers while providing patrol support to the national fleet.

Kadet-6 and Kadet-7 are each powered by a pair of Cummins KTA 50 M2 engines. With each engine generating 1800 horsepower at 1800 RPM, the vessels have a high cruise speed of 16 knots with a maximum speed of 18 knots.

Sea trials were conducted in October of 2018 and both vessels have been accepted into the fleet of the United States of the Republic of Indonesia.


Photo of Kadet-07 courtesy of Altrak

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