Cummins Hotips#860   July 2019

KCS Emerald: Ready to take to the water.

When it comes to selecting a design for a new series of vessels, the most important consideration is to recognize the craft’s purpose and develop a form to meet that function. Cooke Aquaculture in Atlantic Canada has a number of fish farms located in protected waters around the Maritime Provinces. Supplies and gear have to be transported between the farms and the shore.

To meet this demand they worked with Poseidon Marine Consultants Ltd to develop a 40- by 20-foot powered barge design currently building at A. F. Theriault and Sons. Evolved from an earlier vessel, three boats are building in steel with an aluminum house located forward and a flat deck aft. The vessel’s 4.5-foot molded depth provides buoyancy for significant loads while maintaining a relatively shallow draft. A Palfinger 18500M crane and two vertical capstans ease cargo and net handling.

A 280 HP Cummins QSL9 engine turning a 32X20-inch four-blade prop.

A 280 HP Cummins QSL9 engine turning a 32X20-inch four-blade prop through a ZF305-3 gear with 2.5:1 ratio provides propulsion power. This gives the barge a speed of eight knots. The engines were supplied and installed by Philip Leblanc Diesel from Nova Scotia who also completed the installation review and sea- trials.

A 12.5 kW Phasor generator provides auxiliary power. Tankage is provided for 610 gallons of fuel and 315 gallons of water. The boat is designed for a crew or four and has capacity for a ten-ton deck cargo.

The first of a four boat series, the KCS Emerald, will be delivered from the builder, A. F. Theriault and Sons,  in July of 2019.

Photos courtesy of A.F. Theriault

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