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An efficient cross-river ferry for the Rio Paraquay.

One of the most accepted ways to deal with climate change issues is to get vehicles off the roads. A growing number of administrations are doing this by implementing ro-ro ferries were practical. The Rio Paraguay, flowing through the lowlands of land-locked Paraguay offers an excellent riverine option.

At work in her element.

The river carries large bulk cargos in barges pushed by Mississippi-style push boats over 700 nautical miles up from the sea at Buenos Aires. A shallow draft ro-ro ferry for local short-haul urban transport makes good sense. Recently launched from the Terminal Occidental SA owned shipyard, the Chaco ferry in Paraguay, meets these criteria. Serving multiple ports on both sides of the river around Asunción and the Port of Villa Hayes, the ferry will be an important addition to the areas transportation infrastructure.

Built of A36 naval steel on a catamaran hull the 35.85 by 10.85-meter ferry features hydraulically operated ramps both fore and aft for ease of loading. Capacity on the main deck will allow for up to 18 light vehicles at a time. Above the vehicle deck comfortable air-conditioned seating is provided for up to 90 passengers with a coffee kiosk, toilets, video entertainment and panoramic views.

A fine looking addition to the river traffic.

On the third deck, a VIP passenger area, is located just aft of the futuristic wheelhouse. The area includes provision for meetings and a minibar plus additional toilets. An emergency generator is installed on an open after deck.

The ferry will travel its 25-kilometer total route at speeds up to ten knots. Engine rooms, located in the twin catamaran hulls, are each fitted with a Cummins KTA19-M3 diesel engine producing 600 HP at 1800 RPM. The engines turn four-blade bronze 1100 by 1032 m/m propellers through Twindisc MG521 gears with 3:1 reduction.  The hulls are divided into multiple watertight compartments and include fuel (14,000 liters) and potable water tanks (6,000 liters) as well as ballast tanks.

Named Ferry Del Chaco, the vessel is classed by RINA to all relevant SOLAS and IMO standards. It will operate with a crew of five.


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