Cummins Hotips#593           June 2010

Patril Boat

Since 1980, PT Dumas Tanjung Perak Shipyard in East Java has build dozens of vessels for various departments of the Indonesian Government. Their most recent delivery, the Hiu Macan Turul 401, was designed and built for the Department Kelautan Dan Perkanan.

The vessel’s 42.5 length and seven-meter beam provides accommodation for up to 18 people. Propulsion power is provided by two Cummins QSK60-M engines each producing 2500 HP at 1900 RPM. The engines turn into Twin Disc MGX 5600 gears with 3.51:1 ratios. The boat’s 1540 by 1659 m/m propellers were provided by Singapore’s Asia Foundry (

For further information:

Mr. Suryanto,

Department Kelautan Dan Perikanan,


Phone +6221-350 3458

P.T. Dumas Tanjung Perak Shipyard

JL. Nilam Barat 12,

Surabaya, 60177


Phone +62 31-329 5111

Fax:     +62 31-329 3240



Yoseph T. Arifin

Cummins Diesel Sales Corp.

8 Tanjong Penjuru,

Singapore 609019

Phone: +65 6661 8265

Fax:     +65 6266 0432


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