Cummins Hotips#597       July 2010

Photos by Capt. Piet Sinke


AVRA Towage Adds to Fleet

With the July delivery of the tug Northwind, the Rotterdam-based firm Avra Towage is now operating a fleet of six tugs with a seventh under construction. Three of the Company’s original five-boat fleet have Cummins main engines, so it was an easy choice to go with Cummins engines for the Northwind. However, where the others have 2400 HP and 32 tons of bollard pull with a pair of 38-litre Cummins main engines (tugs South, West, and East), the new boats are powered by a pair of the larger 50-liter Cummins KTA50-M engines. These generate a total of 3200 HP to give the boats bollard pulls of 43 tons.

Northwind Deck

Full specifications and additional photos for the Northwind, built in Sibu East Malaysia, are available from Additional information, including current locations of all tugs, is on Avra’s excellent web page at:

For further information:

Avra Towage BV
Scheepmakershaven 32b
3011 VB Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 10 281 0886

Tan Ju Lin
Commercial Manager Asia
Avra Towage Singapore Pte Ltd.
12A Jalan Samulun
Singapore 629131
Phone: +65 6264 6829

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