Cummins Hotips#630           June 2011

Ready for launch at the Rodriguez yard.

The “Lugger” designation traces back to days when a small handy coastal vessel often carried lug-rigged sails. A modern day lugger, as used on the US Gulf of Mexico coast, is still a handy boat for working in near shore waters. On a version of the tug, designed by and currently finishing up at Rodriguez Boat Builders, a pair of Cummins Tier 2 compliant QSK19-M diesels turning four-blade stainless steel props has replaced the lugsails for propulsion.


The 67.5 by 26-foot Pere C. has a molded depth of 8.5 feet. Fitted with a pair of Pullmaster M-30-86-51 25-ton electric deck winches the model-bow tug can push a barge with the aide of a well-fendered bow-post. Typically this sort of vessel is used to service production rigs in relatively shallow waters. In addition to barged cargo, the tug has tankage for 14,000 gallons of fuel and 16,000 gallons of water. Accommodation for a crew of six is in the triple-deck aft-mounted house. Lugger tug.

Owner of the lugger tug Pere C., Stan Cvitanocic, will take delivery of the vessel in July and it will be home ported in Venice, Louisiana.


Photos courtesy of April Harrel & Rodriguez Boat Builders


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