Cummins Hotips#644

The Navemar XIV alongside at Salvador.

Fernando Santos Mata Virgen carries two business cards. Both cards show him as Director, in one case of the Corema Shipyard in Salvador Brazil, the other for Navemar Towing. Explaining that he has recently sold his fleet of tugs, the 70-year old director is conferring with naval architect Marcos de Parahyba Campos on the building, at Corema, and operating, by Navemar, of a fleet of six 32-meter line handling tugs for offshore support. Also on the table were the plans for a new shipyard that would move his build potential from 75 to 200 meters.

Fernando Santos Mata Virgem, Director of Croema, In Salvador, Brazil.

The newly built ship docking tug Navemar XIV was one of the tugs that went with the Navemar fleet sale to Wilson Sons ( ). At the time of the sale the tug was nearing completion. By late August crews from Corema, Navemar and Wilson, Sons were on board working with suppliers to do the final adjustment of the tug.

The foreward hawser guide.

In the engine room, Cummins Application Engineer Aline F. Barros was working with Z-drive people to finalize the articulation of the 2200 HP at 1800 RPM Cummins KTA60-M main engines and the Z-drives. Based in Rio de Janeiro Barros is coordinating and tracking a number of marine projects for Cummins Vendas e Serviços de Motores e Geradores. She covers the states of São Paulo, Rid de Janeiro, Expirito Santo, Bahia and Sergipe.

Application engineer Aline-Barros on board Navemar ship docking tug.

The 3.11 by 9.8-meter tug has a 4.65-meter molded depth. With a combined power of 4400 HP at 1800 RPM the tug has a 55-ton bollard pull. In addition to a bow mounted hawser winch the versatile ship-docking tug is also fitted with a towing winch and a quick-release towing hook on the aft deck. Tankage includes 172 cubic meters of fuel and 28 of potable water.

The operator's view over the bow of the Navemar XIV.

With all systems checking out the tug will be delivered to the ever growing Wilson, Sons fleet while Fernando Santos looks for partners for his new shipyard and continues with his other build projects.

For further information:

Fernando Santos Mata Virgen


Corema Estaleiro

Travessa Domingos Rabelo, 78

Ribeira, Cep: 40.421-700

Salvador/Ba, Brazil

Phone: 55 71 3310-4200

Mobile: 55 71 9184-5055




Waldemar Marchetti

Marine Business Manager

South America and Mexico

São Paulo, Brazil


Phone: +5511 2186 4778







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