The late George Arnet’s boat the Attu preparing for the 2009 herring season when this photo was taken in March ’09.

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  1. Rick Metzger says:

    I remember the Attu.
    On Sept 3rd 1972 I was standing on the dock in Lazy Bay at the South end of Kodiak Is. It was my birthday and I had just finished a disasterous summer of beach seining in Deadman Bay. I had enough in my pocket for the bush flight to Kodiak and no idea what to do from there.
    The Attu pulled up to the dock and the captian asked me to throw them the water hose. I did and we chatted as the tank filled. I asked where they were headed and he said Bellingham to sell halibut. Hey thats where I`m from, how long does it take to get there I asked. He said hop aboard and find out. SoI I did.
    The crew was a hard core bunch of old school Norseman. Big Inor, Axel, 2 brothers whose names I can not remember and a skinny cook. They had on board what they thought was about 100,000 lbs of halibut from 5 days of fishing and were planning a straight across trip to Bellingham to off load.
    It was my birthday and the work was done so the bottle came out at the dinner table and some time later in the dark some one carried me to a berth. When I woke up we were in a full Gulf gale and the deck was awash with every roll. I was puking over the galley door for the next 2 days and wishing I was stranded in Kodiak.
    George got word that the price was good in Prince Rupert so the course was changed. They off loaded over 90,000 lbs and on we went to Vancover on the inside much to my relief.
    That trip changed my life and gave me the courage to keep fishing. George sent me a card from time to time and I was sorry to hear of his passing. He was a good man with a crew of real fisherman. God bless them one and all.

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